Mrs. Catherine Alanis, Teacher of the Year


Kenya Moreno

Mrs. Catherine Alanis

Kenya Moreno, Staff Writer

Long overdue, Mrs. Catherine Alanis English was recognized with the very prestigious Teacher of The Year award. The award given to teachers that go above and beyond for their students.

The selection process involves teachers nominating a staff member from their department and a final vote among all teachers.

Having been working at Memorial for 11 years, starting when she was just 21 as a student teacher, she has had a long and growing career here with Wolverine Country. This year, the school recognizes Mrs. Alanis for her long history of outstanding accomplishments as a teacher.

“I’ve basically grown up here, especially with my career which is something that I’m very proud of,” Alanis, said.

Mrs. Alanis goes the extra mile to instill her love of English to her pupils by taking some of her AP/DC students to U.I.L competitions. Although that can be chaotic at times she always becomes a wonder woman in her classroom.

“She teaches a class full of people and yet manages to make it feel as if she was teaching you one on one,” Nestor Cano, junior, said.

It takes a good teacher to instill a passion for education and that is exactly what Mrs. Alanis does. She has mentored many of Memorial’s brightest students. Preparing them as best as she can, for the long work ahead of them

“Mrs. Alanis is dedicated to teach her students improve their writing skills and really makes time to work with one on one with her students, which really makes a difference”, Leslie Zuniga, senior, said.

Throughout these 11 years Mrs. Alanis has been at Memorial she has planted the leaders of tomorrow. By inspiring many students to continue their college education as far as they can for doors will open for them. Many previous students have gone off to earn their bachelor’s as well as  masters in their fields.

“Apart from being a great teacher she was also a great mentor. She made me face reality, taught me how to work hard for my grade because nothing will be handed to me”, Itzi Davila, senior, said.