Winter Guard Enters New Season

Nestor Cano, Staff Writer

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Even though Winter Guard is only vaguely known throughout the student body, it exists in almost every school throughout the nation or independently.

First, the real question, what is Winter Guard? At its core it’s basically Color Guard but indoors and without the marching band. They perform a musical piece of their choosing using dance, flags, rifles, and sabers. Winter Guard Shows’ usually try and appeal to the audience in many ways whether it be with emotional performances or lighthearted interpretations of fun songs which guide the audience by sticking with a theme and developing a story.

This year, the PSJA Memorial Wolverine Winter Guard presents the show titled “Him“ by Sam Smith: an emotional show dedicated to the injustices members of the LGBT community face in America.

In addition to performing such an emotional show, the Winter Guard has seen an influx of new members to the organization.

“It’s very exciting [to see the amount] of members there are this year for Winter Guard and to see how fast they are learning and how intrigued they are to learn more,” Elaine Riojas, senior, said.

​The schedule for the guard is similar to that of the marching band. The first few weeks are spent training and learning basics and then later spent coming up with the actual show work. The first competition takes place in mid-January and after that February.

​“If I would describe Winter Guard competitions it would be ver] competitive” Bianca Davila, co-captain, said, “Because we go against many other schools that have more money, members, and equipment.”

​Competitions in south Texas are hosted by a satellite circuit of Winter Guard International (WGI) called the Texas Educational Colorguard Association  (TECA). Here the Wolverine Winter Guard competes in hopes of making it to the state finals. With such high stakes there comes a lot of competitiveness, but it is still not uncommon for guards to wish each other luck before they compete and complement each other after.

In the end whether it be for trophies or for fun it’s their optimistic attitude that really sticks out.

“I know that with our spirit and hard work we could win this year’s competitions and finally make it to finals,” Davila, said.