FCA Hosts Christmas Party

Ashley Rodriguez, Staff Writer

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On December 13, 2018 FCA will host a Christmas party and welcomes anyone who would like to join. This holiday celebration will be taking place in room D202  at 4:15 p.m.

“FCA is all about building friendships and students to be free to be themselves in a joyful environment,” Jessica Ortega, FCA sponsor, said, “The goal is to help them find their place in this messy world, and ultimately a relationship with God.”

There will be food, games, music and a brief lesson on the birth of Jesus Christ. Hopefully it will be a memorable day of high school for those who attend.

“I always look forward to FCA Thursday meetings but I am especially pumped for this Christmas party. I can’t wait to get into the Christmas spirit with the people who I cherish the most on this campus.” Jacquelyn Silva, FCA member said.

FCA members are buzzing with excitement and hope that a lot of their peers attend the amazing holiday festivities they have planned for this special day.

“Honestly I am ecstatic for the Christmas party coming up this Thursday. For us to come together as one and have a good time is more than I can ask for.” Jamie Anguiano, FCA member, said.

FCA is not just a club for FCA members but it is a safe haven for them to express themselves and create unbreakable bonds with God. As well, this Christmas party is not just to have fun together, but to acknowledge their beliefs and the birth of their creator.

“I believe that this Christmas party is a great way to come together and show others who we are, what we believe and do as club.” Mike Lucio, FCA sponsor, said.