Wrestling Team Brings Home The Medals

PSJA Memorial High School’s Wrestling Team Comes Out On Top At The Church Hill Charger Classic Wrestling Meet

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Wrestling Team Brings Home The Medals

Viviana Silguero, Staff Writer

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Our schools wrestling team is dedicated, hardworking, strong, and proud. They are always exceeding expectations and never fail to achieve greatness, which is exactly what they did at Winston Church Hill Charger Classic on December 1st in San Antonio, TX.

On December 1st, at Winston Church Hill Charger Classic in San Antonio , students Abel Alvarado, Mark Gutierrez, Darian Espinoza, and Thomas Keefer represented PSJA Memorial High School and placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

“I was very happy with their performances, they did a fine job in representing the school and district by competing and defeating top ranked wrestling schools,” Coach Joseph Clark, said.

Abel Alvarado placed first at the Church Hill meet, and he beat the student who was ranked #10 in state wrestling. Alvarado is a junior at PSJA Memorial High School and has been able to learn discipline and gained a certain mindset only wrestling could give him.

“Abel is a responsible and well educated teammate. His knowledgeable skills in wrestling is just one of the many factors as to why he is such a great captain,” Darian Espinoza, senior,said.

Seniors Mark Gutierrez, Darian Espinoza, and Thomas Keefer placed 2nd,3rd, and 4th at the Church Hill meet. This is their last year here at PSJA Memorial High School and their last year being part of the wrestling team. Even though they are sad that it is all coming to an end they continue to show how dedicated and proud they are to be representing their school’s wrestling team.

“I’ve been giving it my all towards wrestling ever since I joined in my freshman year and just because it is my last year does not mean I will be slacking off. I plan to treat this year as if it were any other,”Mark Gutierrez, senior, said.

The team works well together and they support one another in wrestling and outside of it. They push each other to put in the effort to achieve the best, while standing  by each other’s side the whole way through.

“My goal is not about winning, it is to be as prepared as possible, teaching that if you are prepared good things will happen and that attitude has taken us to State Champions 17 years out of the 22 years that PSJA Memorial has been open,” Coach Clark,said.