Review in “The Grinch”, a Fantastic Animated Film

Delilah Banks, Staff Writer

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The Grinch ( 2018 ) crafts a retelling of the original story by Dr.Seuss.

The Grinch is about how the Who’s community planned make christmas time- the holiday that the grinch hates- three times bigger, brighter, and better. Thus due to the Grinch’s disapproval of Christmas he schemes to ruin Christmas for the Whoville in order to silence the holiday cheer.

The remake of the classical movie was amazing, funny, and adorable in so many ways and I think kids would enjoy this animated movie film in theaters.

The actors that they had chosen for the characters were ideal, especially the casting of Grinch which is voiced over by Benedict Cumberbatch from Avengers Infinity war. Along with Cindy Lou which her voice is from, Scarlett Estevez. Overall they had act the best characters in this movie that I had dearly loved.

The story between the Grinch and Cindy Lou was that the Grinch never knew that a Who girl wanted something more than anyone who would ever wanted. This made the Grinch want that feeling too, yet because of the trauma he experienced from the Whoville unfair treatment towards him  he decided to treat them just as how they had treated him.

In the scenes where the Grinch was creating his plan on how he was going to steal Christmas, it was vibrant and colorful, especially when the Grinch was making his Santa outfit. One of my favorite parts was when he had everything he needed to steal the Who’s Christmas which he had these cool gadgets to steal them with.

In the end of the movie, I enjoyed when the Grinch’s sadness and loneliness had disappeared, and he felt guilty about stealing the gifts, so he returned them back to Whoville. Even though the Grinch had stole their Christmas, Cindy Lou and all the other Who’s s had still invited him to their Christmas party.