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Serina Kornegay is the 2018-2019 editor in chief of The Memorialist.

Serina Kornegay, Editor

It’s the summer of 2017, Jennifer Love Crossman told me that we should create a school newspaper after talking to our Rio Grande Guardian internship advisor, Pat Fogarty. A simple conversation about school journalism with Fogarty led us to this.

My initial reply was “Okay, but please give me a small position because I’m not that interested.”

Oh, how the times have changed.

The Memorialist” was resurrected from the forgotten depths of Mr. Lozano’s computer files. Last year, the school newspaper was created inside the yearbook’s cramped dark room turned yearbook office, with one assigned computer that we could call our own. Yet, despite our limited staff and lack of equipment, The Memorialist has transformed into a website that we could call our own too.

Now, we are saving both paper and updated documentation of PSJA Memorial school events–ah, memories.

With this new form of publication, The Memorialist staff has transformed its platform to reach new heights of journalism, tackle the world problem of deforestation, break through barriers of printing paper, and publish a limitless coverage of Wolverine news. Thus, The Memorialist will soar as far as any Wi-fi connection will allow it. Like the Great Wall of China, it can be seen from space–provided there is access to Wi-Fi and a device to perform the action.

Last year, in that stuffy dark room, our three person staff asked ourselves, “What is happening now in our school?” “What is interesting?” and “What do we want to show to students?” Today those same questions are manifesting before your eyes in the form of radiating light.

Two years later, this “small position” has became editor-in-chief, and school newspaper has become online newspaper. Our staff is constantly growing, school coverage is more widespread, and never before has The Memorialist been more up to date.