STARR Testing Planned for Entire Week

Jamie Anguiano, Staff Writer

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On December 3rd through the 6th, students will be testing in different classrooms throughout the school. The tentative schedule will be the following: Monday-English I Tuesday- Algebra I, Wednesday-English II and Thursday-Biology / U.S History.

“Students will definitely need to brush up on their math skills to be prepared for what’s to come this week,”  Ms. Silva, Geometry teacher, said

The allotted scheduled times for each test are as follows: five hours will be used to take the English I test, four hours for the Algebra test, five hours for English II, and lastly, 4 hours for both of the Biology / U.S. History exams.

“Schedules for the exams are those which I have said, so please be punctual and be at school on time,” stated Mr. Flores, sophomore English II teacher.

As it is crucial for children to get plenty of rest the night before, it will be the same for them to have a good breakfast. Students will be allowed to bring beverages with them on testing days, although, they will not be permitted to be anywhere near the testing site / desk.

“Oh, definitely, bring your drinks but just remember that you’ll have to keep them with your belongings, away from your testing areas,” Mr. Rodriguez, freshman English I teacher, said.

As a final reminder, bathrooms will be monitored, and only a few students, at a time, will be allowed to go.  This will be strictly enforced so each student’s individual needs would be met without any outside influences that can alter their outcome.

“The restrooms will be monitored, but only so our students can utilize our school’s educational system to excel for the better of the student,”Mrs. Garza- Flores, Spanish II teacher, said.

All things considered, students should support one another and cheer each other on, as peer support is always a plus.  Good luck to all Wolverines!