Seniors Present Capstone Educating Students About Sexual Assault

Kenya Moreno, Staff Writer

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As seniors get ready to welcome the second semester, most are preoccupied on wrapping up or beginning their capstone projects. Leslie Zuniga and Kenya Moreno are a part of those seniors,as they focused their capstone project on the sexual assault crisis that is occurring throughout college campuses.

On November 30th, inside Gym A, they hosted a presentation about the dangers of sexual assault, while also inviting a special guest speaker from Mujeres Unidas-a domestic violence center-Margo Martinez. Zuniga and Moreno held the presentation for juniors and seniors, since they are heading off to college soon.

“I wanted to bring more awareness to the issue because soon we’ll be independent and it’s important to know how to protect yourself and others. No one should suffer the consequences of sexual assault,” said Leslie Zuniga, senior, said.

After Leslie and Kenya finished their presentation, they handed over the mic to Margo Martinez guest speaker from Mujeres Unidas. Adding some inside knowledge about what signals commonly lead to sexual assault and teen dating violence.

“I think it was necessary to be informed of sexual assault and teen date violence since we are at the age where we may begin to see this. The presentation information was certainly something we can all learn from!” Yessica Lira, junior, said.

As Leslie and Kenya wrapped up their presentation they really hoped the seniors and juniors will take into consideration of what they have learned and continue to grow as an informed individual.

“I feel that it’s important to continue spreading awareness for sexual assault because when people know the signs and the effects sexual assault has on victims, there’s more help that can be given,” said Christopher Mares, senior.

After completing a major part of their capstone, Leslie and Kenya hope that they had an impact on the mindset of all the students that attended.

“It really helped me be more aware of the fact of how common sexual assault is. It was a problem I knew was bad but had never considered looking into. Their capstone project really inspired me wanting to educate others on this problem,” Itzi Davila,senior, said.