DECA: A Club For Student Entrepreneurs and Future CEO’s

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DECA: A Club For Student Entrepreneurs and Future CEO’s

Stephanie Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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The PSJA Memorial DECA organization is made up of students that plan to pursue business or marketing majors in their college careers. Additionally, DECA helps its members learn important life skills that may not be taught during classroom time.

“DECA has helped me manage my time and I realize marketing can be a really fun major” Samantha Espinoza ,senior, said

DECA offers help from learning how to organize your resume, getting your college portfolio, to how apply to a job as DECA is with you during every step of the way towards your success. DECA sponsor, Valerie Garza , has shown her students many business skills and has given many tips for marketing  to her students. Garza has shown kindness and support countless of times to each and everyone of her 100 students.

“I take my time with each student seeing how I can help them and what they need for success” Valerie Garza,sponsor, said.

PSJA memorial DECA has no application and no interview to get in. To get in all you need to do is get in touch with the sponsor and pay a membership fee of $12.

“ I saw the flyer and thought hey that would cool to join, so in the next 30 minutes I was an official member” Oziel puesnts,12 said.

Many of the officers and members take every minute of their spare time in the DECA room ,C206, to perfect and continue their projects for the upcoming 2019 DECA competition in January. This competition will rank all the entrepreneurs from 1-6 choosing the top 3 to send their way to the state meet.

“My partner and I have spent hours and hours trying to get our project to be perfect so we can make our school proud- we want to represent our school at state to say we, from the valley did that” Miseal, Garza, senior, president, said.