National Honor Society Hosts Mug Mondays

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National Honor Society Hosts Mug Mondays

Lyshaa Reyes, Staff Writer

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For the first time ever, the National Honor Society has organized a new event called, “Mug Monday’s”. This special event was created to provide warm hot chocolate during the cold winter season to Memorial students and staff as they can bring their own mugs on every Monday in December and have it filled with hot chocolate, free of cost.

In order to supply the warm beverage, NHS members wake up earlier than usual every Monday in order grab the supplies and ingredients to make hot chocolate at the front doors of the school. They serve hot chocolate from 7:45 a.m. to 8:10 a.m. to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to have a chance at receiving free hot chocolate.

”Waking up early is very difficult, but it is worth it when I see people come together and share hot chocolate, marshmallows, and smiles,”  Gianna Salinas,junior, NHS corresponding secretary, said.

This idea was thought by the sponsor herself as she would do this for her students but instead with coffee. The students would come with their mugs on Mondays and enjoy drinking coffee and discuss books, movies, or t.v shows.

“I decided to do it for the whole school because I thought it would be a good way to boost morale on those moody Mondays and it’s a nice incentive for students and staff to come in a little earlier on Mondays. It’s really nice to see students and staff participate and I hope to see more,” Ms. Tijerina, National Honor Society Sponsor, said.

National Honor Society hopes that with the creation of Mug Monday, more similar school functions will evolve from this new beginning.

“We hope that students would see that joining clubs is a fun experience because you can bring joy to ones face with the smallest of things like hot chocolate,” Daniela Sanchez, junior, NHS member, said.

This event is the start of something new and National Honor society wants to continue it because of the positive response to it. They hope this will be an annual event for the cold winter days.

“It’s amazing to see smiling faces on Monday’s. I am so thankful that I get to be a part of this event because it truly brings me happiness seeing my fellow students with expressions of joy,” Guadalupe Abrego, senior, NHS member, said.