Sandra Cruz, sophomore, performs "I am, We are" at the football half time show (Jazmine Ramirez)
Sandra Cruz, sophomore, performs "I am, We are" at the football half time show

Jazmine Ramirez

Marching Band Earns Top Distinction at Pigskin for 10th Consecutive Year

The show, "I am, We are" featured three pieces that communicated unity.

November 27, 2018

Drizzling, cold gusts of wind slowly drench the pressed uniforms. With a tense atmosphere and the hope for awaiting success there in that moment everyone is at a standstill.

The Mighty Green Machine marching band competed Saturday, October 20, in the UIL Pigskin Marching contest against other marching bands of the area. Presenting their ‘I Am We Are’ theme the band defied the odds and continued a long lasting winning streak by placing Division One for their tenth year in a row.

“This is year number ten in getting consecutive division ones at Pigskin and not many bands can do that; and not many bands have seen that.” Mr. Moyeda, Band Director, said, “ We are hoping to continue that success in getting sixteen, twenty, twenty-five years down the road.”

With one hundred degree weather beating down on their skin during summer practice the students persevered under the scorching Texas sun to better their performance.

“From starting practice at 7 am everyday to leaving at 8 pm we did a lot of reps for our music, whether it’d be practicing as a section or practicing individually.” Melida Villareal, Front Ensemble, said.

The change from 6A to 5A presented a small challenge the band had to overcome. According to Mr. Moyeda, this year’s number of 97 marching band students dwarfs in comparison to last year’s 160 students, with about 54 percent having little experience.

“We competed with different bands we never competed with before so it was something we all had to get used to.” Adrianne Peña, Head Drum Major, said, “ We are also a small band that consists of new marchers and musicians so bringing them up to our expectations was a challenge but it was all worth it in the end.”

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