63 Wolverines Graduate Dual Langauge

200 Students From Around PSJA Earned a DL Degree

Kenya Moreno, Writer

The Dual Language graduation ceremony for PSJA Memorial, Southwest, PSJA North and Sotomayor Early College High Schools took place on Tuesday, April 16 at 6pm. The Pharr Event Center hosted the graduation for about 200 dual language students.

The students were awarded a trophy, cord, and a biliterate seal that will be placed on their diploma.

“As I stood there being awarded, I felt proud of myself because it made it official, like all the hard work I had put into it paid off,” said senior Angelica Gonzalez.

The requirements needed for the dual language program requires students to complete four years of Spanish courses, four contest courses taught in Spanish or three content courses and one elective: a total of 8 classes in Spanish.

“While completing this program, I was also taking college courses and it was challenging because these classes were in Spanish, and I had to balance both languages for each class,” said senior Karla Carrazco.

The program offers students many opportunities for one they can take AP test that allows them to transfer credits to, if they pass, to a university or college of their choice.

“Using my AP scores helped me obtain credit for two college courses that made is possible for me graduate on time with my associates degree from South Texas College,” said senior Itzi Davila.

This year 63 Wolverine graduates completed the DL program, but the numbers are estimated to grow.

“I truly wish that every student can take advantage of the great opportunity the Dual Language Program is offering them, and I want to see the number of students in the program grow every year,” said Dual Language Advisor and teacher Maria Garcia.