7 Juniors Vie for the Next Emerald Queen Crown

Vanessa Diaz, Writer

On May 3, 2019, seven young ladies will compete for the title of Emerald Queen. The pageant is hosted by PSJA Memorial Early College High School and it grants an interested junior the chance to represent the school throughout her senior year. While this is a fairly new tradition for the school, the next title holder will be the fifth Emerald Queen crowned in Wolverine history.

Throughout her senior year, the Emerald Queen will attend  school and community related functions, spread school spirit, and be a role model of what a PROUD wolverine is. At the end of their senior year, a $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to the young lady to be used for higher educational purposes. The organization is proudly sponsored by Mrs. Christina Vela and Mr. Aaron Lozano.

“The Emerald Queen program is a great benefit to our campus. The pageant itself helps girls with confidence, understand questions that impact student morale, and celebrate campus role-models… we have some amazing juniors lined up to be the next Emerald Queen. It’s going to be a great pageant,” Lozano said.

Be sure to purchase a ticket from any of the contestants to attend the pageant on next Friday. The ladies will be scored throughout a variety of categories such as an introduction, casual wear, formal wear, and an on-stage question. The contestants are Amaya Rhodes, Ariana Guerrero, Laylani Garza, Teidra Maldonado, Vanessa Diaz, Vianey Salazar, and Victoria Gonzalez.

While contestants are not strutting the stage, the Big Man on Campus talent competition will take place. The boys competing are senior candidates that escort the junior contestants. They will perform a talent and the crowd declares the winner through their cheers.

The current reigning Emerald Queen is Janelle Rodriguez. While having left a big impact on the school, her reign is coming to an end. According to Lozano, Rodriguez has been a great role model to other students and has accomplished a lot throughout her years at PSJA Memorial ECHS such as being a Dell Scholarship Recipient. Next year’s EQ will have some big “heels” to fill.

“Witnessing this year coming to an end is simply just a bittersweet moment, I hope the next queen uses her platform to touch the lives of many of her peers while enjoying her reign,” Rodriguez, the fourth Emerald Queen said.

The pageant will be held at the school’s auditorium on Friday, May 3, 2019 during Wolverine time. Tickets are $3 and can be purchased from any contestant. Come and see for yourself who the next Emerald Queen will be.