Seniors to Announce Colleges at Annual Decision Day

Seniors to Announce Colleges at Annual Decision Day

Karla Carrazco, Staff Writer

Year after year at PSJA Memorial seniors apply to universities, scholarships, and many more college related applications with the help of the go team. After their stressful college application process seniors are able to celebrate their hard work in late April at PSJA Memorial’s annual Decision Day. At this event seniors announce what university they have chosen to attend in the upcoming fall.

On April 25th, seniors will gather inside the gym, to announce their decision of which school they will attend. This event is organized by the Go Team.

“I want this event to be memorable for the seniors,” Christian Ramon, College Adviser, said. “1. to get excited about college and 2. so that they may enjoy the last couple of weeks with their friends.”

Each Go Team member was given a task to complete before or on the day of the event, such as creating playlists, decorating baskets, and creating posters with college logos.

“We’ve all been working really hard, preparing gifts, making posters, blowing up balloons, and even decorating the day before,” Javier Cardoza, Go Team member, said.

Decision day will be an exciting event for many seniors that are eager to attend college next fall. There will be raffle giveaways, guest speakers, and snacks.

“I can’t wait to attend UT Arlington because I will be able to learn how to be independent and learn about different cultures,” Itzi Davila, senior, said. “Also I get to be closer to my mom who lives in Oklahoma.”

It is recommended that seniors wear a t-shirt of the school they are planning to attend in order to take pictures and to represent their chosen universities.