Senior Accepted into Texas A&M Nursing Program


Jazmine Ramirez

With the help of Project HEAL, Machaela Trevino will continue her nursing education at the Texas A&M Nursing Program.

Serina Kornegay, Editor in Chief

Senior Machaela Trevino has always wanted to be a nurse.  And with much determination and lots of studying, Trevino is making this dream into a reality. She has been accepted into the Texas A&M Nursing Program through the intensive PSJA nursing program–Project HEAL.


“I wanted to be a nurse because I like the idea of caring for others, and helping people be healthier and happier,” Trevino said.


Project HEAL has allowed Trevino to apply to the nursing program at Texas A&M. Only Project HEAL students are allowed to apply. However, out of 10 students Trevino was the only one who was accepted. Project HEAL is a program partnered with  Region One Education Service Center, Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance (DHR), South Texas College, PSJA ISD and two neighboring school districts. This program helps high school students take their prerequisites and complete the HESI exam before they turn 18.


“I started my junior year and I’ve been doing it ever since,” she said.


Before Project HEAL came along Trevino was searching for ways herself to earn her prerequisites for nursing. Trevino would look at the UTRGV nursing program classes and see if those classes were available through STC. She was inspired by her mom who encouraged her to achieve her goals and to receive a higher education. However, it was counselor Dominique Caro that helped Trevino discover the nursing program.


“My tia told me to get the classes that are needed out of the way and my mom helped me through it all” Trevino, said “It was Ms. Caro who showed me Project HEAL when I was a sophomore.”


In May, Trevino will graduate with an Associates in Science under Interdisciplinary Studies and will attend Texas A&M next fall. In two years Trevino will graduate from Texas A&M and will be a certified nurse that can work in a hospital.