‘Out of the Norm’ Song Selections, Hard Work Earn Choir Girls Back-to-Back Sweepstakes


The varsity girls choir earn back-to-back sweepstakes trophy from UIL.

Jamie Anguiano

The UIL Choir Contest highlights the academic rigor involved in training as a musician in the sight reading room and the magnificence and beauty of creating fine art on stage.
On April 3rd at UTRGV Performing Arts Complex, our PSJA Memorial Early College High School Varsity Women Choir attended the UIL Choir Contest. The singers received all ones (superior rating) from all six judges, earning them another beautiful sweepstakes trophy.
“The girls definitely deserved this superior rating from the judges, they made me so proud and truly represented Alamo with honor and have gained the respect of our choral community across the state of Texas,” choir director Marilu Nino said.
Everyday the varsity women’s choir practiced sight reading and their concert music.
“Not only would we just practice in class every morning, but we’d have after school practices… putting in countless hours to make our performance and sight reading perfect,” junior Alexa Gonzalez said.
This year their songs were a bit out of the norm, resulting in such a special performance. The songs included one of flirtation, another about love, and an acapella piece about an energetic party.
“We first thought these songs were weird, but as time went on, we understood why Mrs. Niño chose these songs specifically for us,” sophomore Kassandra Montes said.
Congratulations to our very own PSJA Memorial Varsity Women Choir for bringing back another sweepstakes trophy for the second year in a row.