Sophomores Exposed to College Life


Sophomores take a tour of the UTRGV Edinburg campus.

Melody Garza, Writer

Forty sophomores were selected to attend an academic field trip to the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley during the school day. The trip informed students from all PSJA high schools about the application process and requirements to become a part of the vaquero family.

The trip took place on Tuesday, April 2nd. Students that attended were selected based on their academic performance. 

The students arrived at the university at nine in the morning and began with a presentation on the admission process. UTRGV outreach representative, Jeanette Tamez, explained the the application, how to set up an Apply Texas account, TSI requirements, the FAFSA application,  ACT or SAT score requirement, how to high school transcripts, and information on the meningitis vaccine. 

“This presentation was an eye opener for me. It made me realize that the older we get, the more responsible and independent we have to become in order to be successful in college,” said sophomore Karen Carrazco.

The next two presentations touched on the most critical part of applying to UTRGV or any university. Senior Financial Aid Coordinator Stefani Ocon and Scholarship Coordinator Jesus Buitron educated the sophomores on financial help for college. Ocon explained the many ways  a student can gain additional help financially which included grants, work study, loans, scholarships and military student aid. Buitron went more into depth about the various scholarships that are available for students and the criteria one must meet.

“I learned the most from the scholarship and financial aid presentations because it gave me an opportunity to see how I can prevent putting myself and family in crippling debt after college,” said sophomore Diana Montalvo.

Lastly, all students had the opportunity to attend an interactive college presentation of their choice. Their wide range of options included exploring the colleges of education, interdisciplinary studies, liberal arts, biology, performing arts, engineering, business, and fine arts. Each individual learned which classes would be needed for their major and were able to ask the dean of the department any questions they had. 

“The UTRGV trip taught me more about my career plan, the benefits granted by going there, and the amazing college culture we could one day become a part of,” said sophomore class president Natali Acha.