Seniors Build Green House Using Recycled Plastic


Members of the community served as an audience to Capstone students America and Itzi's project proposal.

Victoria Rodriguez, Writer

It took 1,300 plastic water bottles. Their greenhouse was finally complete.

After six months seniors America Corpus and Itzi Davila have finally finished working on their Capstone research project. Regardless of the obstacles presented upon them–they were able to bring awareness to a global issue; pollution.

“The purpose of our project was to create awareness at our school for a problem that has been going unnoticed in our district. We throw away thousands of bottles every week that affect our wildlife,” America said.

These seniors built a real-life green house using discarded water bottles. The challenge was getting the non-bottle materials that were needed to build this greenhouse. Construction teacher Rudy Lopez found a way to provide wood for the environmentally conscious students to have a successful project. He even offered his assistance in building the green house.

“America and Itzi came a long way to finish their capstone project, hearing that they were not able to get the materials that they need was an obstacle that they had to overcome, but I am glad they did,” he said.

Many students and teachers supported this project. Some teachers encouraged students to bring as many used water bottles as they could–offering an incentive. Other teachers let students go during class time when they finished there work to complete the greenhouse.

“Being able to implement a recycling program at our campus is one of my biggest accomplishments, and I realized it while building the greenhouse” Itzi said.

Knowing that they were not able to receive the materials they needed they decided to take donations from teachers and staff on the campus. Many teachers and staff helped buying donating the money they needed to buy the materials such as the plants and wood.

“I feel so proud and accomplished that we were able to do something good for the environment and out of school,” America said.

Her partner agreed.

“While building the greenhouse I realized how our hard work had paid off,” added Itzi.