New Folklorico Program Praised at Contest


Kenya Moreno, Writer

On March 2, our young folklorico team consisting of 20 dancers headed to one of their first competitions. At the contest, they group received “The Best of the Best Folklorico Traditional Entry” out of 57 other entries for that category.

The competition was hosted by the UTRGV Art Performance Center, where passion surpassed their experience.

“I was nervous to say the least and a bit stressed out–like anyone would be in a competition. We have no control over what is going to happen, so we just had to give it our all, and  our dedication paid off,” said senior Jessica Palomo.

The dance team is young. Hanss Mujica, director, started his program at PSJA Memorial two years ago. However, at the contest, the Wolverine folklorico team was able to outperform La Joya High Shcool, a program that has been in existence for 30 years.

“At first we were scared because they had more experience than us but at the end we realized that it didn’t matter how many years you’ve had dancing but the amount of passion and dedication you give to folklorico,” said senior Viridiana Gonzales.

The group did so well that they were asked to perform the next day for a special performance which highlighted the best entries of the competition. The invitation allowed the team the opportunity to dance amongst the UTRGV folklorico group and other groups.

“The experience was good, we were able to see people with more experience, seeing what we could improve individually as well as group, which is always necessary if we want to make our team even stronger,” said junior Leslie Tenorio.

This season proved what the group can do. Next year, the team hopes to add freshmen members that will add strength to the group.

“This season was incredible. We had a lot of success as well as downfalls, but we hope to get better. Work still needs to be done this season we got a lot of critique which we will decipher in order to take our team where I know it can be,” said Mujica.