School Breaks Record With 7 Dell Scholars


Seniors Guadalupe Abrego, Jennifer Crossman, Misael Garza, Amy Huang, Owen Ochoa, Rebecca Ramirez, and Janelle Rodriguez are Dell Scholars.

Owen Seth Ochoa, Staff Writer

Breaking a school record, seven seniors from PSJA Memorial ECHS were recently named 2019 Dell Scholars by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. With this honor comes 1) a $20,000 scholarship to lessen loans and debt, 2) direct support for academic, financial, and emotional challenges, and 3) a laptop.

PSJA Memorial ECHS’s seven Dell Scholars are among seven of the 500 Scholars throughout the nation joining the 16th class of Dell Scholars. First started in 2004, the Dell Scholars program was created to recognize and assist students from low-income households. These students are often among the first in their families to attend college and have overcome significant obstacles in their pursuit to a higher education.

“Grit. Drive. Potential. Every single one of the Dell Scholars has that. Grit because they had to claw and scratch their way to be where they are, potential because they’ve all proven they have a strong work ethic, and drive because every single one of their stories consists of rising from adversity. And that, to me, is what Dell looks for,” said Ms. Erica Ramos, Financial Aid Officer.

With the $20,000 scholarship, the Michael and Susan Foundation had provided students with a new found sense of confidence and financial relief on their path to achieving a higher education after high school. The PSJA Memorial ECHS Dell Scholars are as follows: Guadalupe Abrego, Jennifer Crossman, Misael Garza, Amy Huang, Owen Ochoa, Rebecca Ramirez, and Janelle Rodriguez.

“Because of Dell, I now have the opportunity to reach my dream at any school I want. The scholarship has lifted a huge weight off my chest because I no longer have the worry about paying for college to turn my dreams into a reality,” stated Rebecca Ramirez, senior.

With a record-breaking seven Dell Scholars, PSJA Memorial ECHS’s students exemplify that your circumstances do not determine your success. You, and you alone, are responsible for your own success and can achieve it with perseverance.

“Proud isn’t a good enough word, I’m not sure there is a good enough word to express the happiness and pride I have in our kids, and our families, and our communities for such an amazing accomplishment,” noted Ms. Erica Ramos.