Worth the Wait: Victoria Trevino a State Powerlifting Champion


Leny Saucedo, Staff Writer

On March 16, 2019, the powerlifting girls attended the state meet at Waco, TX. These student athletes placed 5th  and came home with outstanding achievements. Although the whole team did amazing, Victoria Trevino, senior, stood out the most with her accomplishments.


Competing at a state meet is an extremely hard task, yet Trevino went out and proved to all of her competitiors her potential by winning 1st place in her weight class. Trevino also received an “Outstanding Lifter” and “Outstanding Squat” award.


Trevino had been training and preparing for the state meet all season long since December. She would run every day and would stick to a very strict diet in order to maintain her weight. This training was rigorous however Trevino knew it would help her prosper at regionals and eventually at state.  


“I would run 2 miles every day and would try my best to not eat anything unhealthy. Although it was extremely hard for me to maintain a healthy diet, it was all worth it at the end.” Trevino, said.


All the coaches were looking forward to this day because they knew the powerlifting girls would do great. The coaches would train Trevino by making sure that she always did what was needed to do in order to receive great results at the end of the season.


“Looking at all the effort that Victoria would put into her season was an unexplainable feeling. It made me see the hardworking and dedicated woman she has become throughout her high school years,” Coach Guajardo, said.


Most recently, a ceremony was dedicated to Trevino and her achievements with all the school board members attending.  PSJA ISD recognized her for placing 1st at state and breaking records in her weight class.


“I felt extremely proud to have a ceremony dedicated to me. I will forever cherish these moments and be grateful for the opportunity to grow as a lifter with my team.” Trevino, said.


Trevino gets her motivation from her team because they always push her to do her best at every meet and get new personal records as often as she can. Being that this is Trevino’s last year, she plans on taking all her experiences with her and using them for all her future endeavors.