Wolverine Jazz Band Wins First at Kingsville


Yessica Lira, Staff Writer

Last weekend, the Wolverine Jazz Band competed at the 52nd Annual Texas A&M University – Kingsville Jazz Festival in Kingsville, Texas. The band received a superior rating and won 1st place in the 5A division.


According to Victor Moyeda, the band director, his students practiced every Thursday and Friday for two hours a day to prepare for the competition. He estimated their total practice time to be well over 100 hours.


“I felt confident going into this competition, as students had a great season of rehearsals and performances leading up to this competition,” Moyeda said.


Throughout the past months, the band perfected their set list that included Lulu’s Left Town, a fast swing/bebop tune, Prelude to a Kiss, a slow ballad, Prog Pacific, a Funk/progressive rock tune, and Cubauza, their fiery Latin tune that closed their setlist.


“My favorite part of the set list is when we are ready to perform the last chart which is Cubanza. That is a Latin song which makes me want to get up and start dancing,” Guadalupe Abrego, senior, said.


Jazz band has their unique traits compared to concert band. Firstly, the jazz band is three times smaller than a regular sized concert band, therefore every person in jazz band plays an important part in the group. It is crucial that every person knows their own part well as they’re the only ones playing that section, unlike concert band where multiple people play the same part.

“ I like jazz band more than regular band because it’s a completely different environment in terms of music, and it’s a lot more musical in my opinion,” Hadassah Avilez, junior, said.


Unfortunately, there is not a state competition for jazz yet.  However if there were both the jazz band members and their director feel confident they would do well. As for now, there are several festivals around Texas that they will continue to compete in.