Track & Field Class Pushes the Boundaries


Photo Courtesy of Coach Perez

Coach Lee Roy Perez, Contributer

PSJA Memorial Early College High School’s first period Track / Cross Country class has been pushing the boundaries as to what can be accomplished in a classroom setting. Over the years the track & field athletes have been meeting in D102 on Friday mornings to conduct several lessons that have enhanced the focus, dedication and understanding of athletics. With the curriculum of Team Leadership and U.S.A. Track and Field the boys and girls are beginning to set themselves apart from the rest as athletes who understand the intricacies of practicing with a purpose and performing at a level that is taking them to new heights.

From walking in and checking their ‘mailboxes’ to being led blindfolded through the halls to teach trust; the athletes have bonded well to depend upon each other on the athletic field. This past Friday the athletes came in and watched the University of Houston sprinters at a recent indoor track meet. The Flowtrack reporter interviewed the assistant coach Carl Lewis who gave great insight and what they do between the preliminaries and finals. Our athletes learned that what we do at track meets is what is being done by collegiate programs around the country. Once the film and discussion by the coach was done the athletes moved into a circle and called out one of their teammates by name and tossed them a ball. The person who received the ball thanked the person by name. Then the athlete used one word to describe the character of himself or herself. Once everyone had participated the athletes ate breakfast and discussed the coming track meet. Goals were established and racing plans were laid down by all events.

At other meetings the class would receive copies of athletic training theories such as Does Strength Training Help in Track & Field, Correct Angle of Take off in the Horizontals, How to Train for Speed, or Twenty-four Maxims to Live by in Athletics. The instructor of the class would gig saw the article and each athlete was to read a specific section. Then using popsicles sticks the instructor would call upon one athlete to come to the front and proceed to give a summary of the article. He or she would then explain how what they do in first period relates to what was printed. This gives purpose and clarity to what is being done in class to enhance the athletic ability and to bring out the best in them.

As the weeks go by the track and field athletes at Memorial will become more proficient at what they do on the track, in the circle, or on the runway. So until then … Keep Running.