Junior Yasmine Garcia Talks Sports and Girls Football


Karen Carrazco

Yasmine's favorite memory this year was making it to the play offs with her basketball team.

Karen Carrazco, Writer

Which team’s game are the most fun to attend? Why?

I love to attend the boys football games because you can see how excited everyone gets especially the football players.


If you could have a pep band play one song at games, what would it be?

“It’s my life,” by Janelle Monáe


Describe your crosstown rivalry in one word…


Which sport does the school need to add next year?

The needs to add Girls Football next year. I would love to try being a quarterback.


If anyone in your class would be on ESPN, who would it be?

The person I believe would be on ESPN would be Lizbeth Retiz because not only is she is talented but Becca she is extremely dedicated to boxing. Lizbeth Retiz has a bright future ahead of him.


What was the most memorable school sporting event of the year?

I will treasure forever going to the basketball playoffs because I played with Debbie Martinez and Amber Magana since 5th grade, they have become my sisters.


How does playing basketball impact your academic performance?

Basketball plays a big part of academics because of ‘No pass No play’.


What life-lesson(s) did you learn playing basketball?

The lesson I’ve learned playing basketball is that the only validation I need is my own.


Will you try to play basketball in college?

I would to continue playing basketball in college; it’s a dream of mine.


Would you ever consider coaching?

Yes, I would love to coach to make a positive impact on young athletes.


Who do you look up to ask your heroes in sports?

I look up to Allen Iverson because he was misunderstood on many things; like him, I feel misunderstood too. He is my favorite player.


What do your friends think of your athletic success?

My friends tell me to hold my head up and keep fighting.


How do you handle missing out on activities with friends because of your athletic schedule?

I am willing to make the sacrifice because I am doing what I love.


Athletes have to eat healthy foods to be in top shape. What foods do you have to give up when you’re in training?

I gave up Takis and Hot Cheetos.


What have you learned about teamwork from being on this team? How does the team make you a better player?

Teamwork make the dream work. My teammates lift me up to do better and to be my honest.