Meet Senior Melanie Pena

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Meet Senior Melanie Pena

Arshley Pena, Writer

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Melanie Peña is a senior at PSJA Memorial Early College High School.

When did you start your college applications?

Last year.

What made you decide not to go to college next year?

I am going to college, I’m unstoppable.

Describe your senior year in three words.

Stressful, Fun, Boring

If you could create one mandatory course for the future seniors, what would it be?

French Course

Finish the sentence: “I will always remember…”

I will always remember the time that I fell down the stairs.

Should there be a community service components involved in graduation?

Yes, so every senior could get a chance to help the community.

Who was your favorite teacher throughout all of high school?

Mr. Ibarra, even though he doesn’t work in this school anymore.

If you could change one school rule, what would it be?

Dress code, so everyone could express their own style.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Working as an English teacher in the PSJA district.

What do you think about PSJA Memorial Early College High School?

I’ve been here since my freshman year and all I could say is that I love this school.

What do you think about the new principal?

He is making a lot of changes but it’s nice to change the routine.

What do you think about the lunch food?

It’s not that bad.

Are you proud of what you come to so far?

Yes, I am.

What is your goal as you end your senior year?

To graduate with honors and an associates degree.