Multi-Varsity Athlete Talks Sports

Salinas is a member of three varsity programs at PSJA Memorial Early College High School.

Photo courtesy of Gianna Salinas.

Salinas is a member of three varsity programs at PSJA Memorial Early College High School.

Jacquelyne Cantu, Writer

Gianna Salinas is a junior and a member of the varsity cheerleading squad, varsity soccer team, and the varsity swim team.

Which games are most fun to attend?

Football games are the most fun for me because I get to be on the sidelines cheering for our team and promoting school spirit.

If you could have the pep band play one song at games, what would it be?

One song I always love hearing is Sweet Caroline because it brings about a nice upbeat feel even when the game is not going out way.

Describe your crosstown rivalry in one (appropriate) word…


Which sport does the school need to add next year?

Waterpolo, especially if our school is getting a pool next year it will be a fun and new experience for people who have never heard of it and love to be around water.

If anyone in your class would be on ESPN, who would it be?

Derek Barrios, he’s already been featured in the valley’s newspaper for being an awesome Pole vaulter, so why not ESPN too?

What was the most memorable school sporting event of the year?

Homecoming because it’s the most exciting football game of the season and the stands are full.

How does being an athlete impact your academic performance?

Doing all the sports I do it shows me that grades do matter in order to play at the collegiate level and be noticed by colleges. So, in order to move on I have to do well in my classes.

What life lesson(s) did you learn as an athlete.

One life lesson I’ve learned with all these sports is time management. You can’t do everything you want in high school especially if you want good grades, you have to pick and choose what you like the most and that’s probably the hardest struggle of doing more than one extra curricular activity.

Will you try to play in college?

If colleges want me and are looking at me for swimming, why not? It’s a great and amazing sport that teaches you discipline and patience and I hope to keep with it even after graduating high school.

Would you ever consider coaching?

No, in all honesty I don’t have the patience to become a coach. Coaching is a special job for people who have what it takes to work with individuals even on the hard days and I get frustrated very very easily.