An Interview With Your Sophomore Class President

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An Interview With Your Sophomore Class President

Acha is a sophomore and a member of the student council and drama clubs.

Acha is a sophomore and a member of the student council and drama clubs.

Staff Photo

Acha is a sophomore and a member of the student council and drama clubs.

Staff Photo

Staff Photo

Acha is a sophomore and a member of the student council and drama clubs.

Melody Garza, Writer

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Natali Acha is a sophomore and the sophomore class president.

Do you think participation in extracurricular activities should be required by the school?

In my opinion, I believe it shouldn’t be required by the school to have students participate in extracurricular activities. Many students have conflicts and issues with participating within these clubs or sports. Some participate in out of school organizations or some have issues with staying after school. Although I myself participate in these events, it does take up much of my time and makes it difficult to get things done. However I have learned to time manage and not many students are able to do this. All in all participating in after school extracurricular activities should be decided by the students and not enforced.

If the sophomore class council was given an unlimited budget to throw an event for the school, what would you plan?

If Sophomore Student Council had an unlimited budget and we had the opportunity to host an event, I would definitely host a carnival. It will have games for both children and adults and many other activities, such as food, photo booths, DJs, moon-jumps, etc. Of course we would have to charge but it would be very inexpensive. We would charge $3 for entrance and $1 per ticket or $30 for unlimited rides.

Should video games be considered a sport? Which games? Would you join a school eSports team?

Every student is excellent at different things; in today’s society a plentiful are excellent at video games. Although many adults believe they are a ‘ waste of time ’ and are making youngsters ‘ uneducated ’ and ‘ immature ’ ; the truth is it actually making them very smart. In order to master games you need to understand algorithms, patterns, and etc. Video games cause the brain to work in multiple ways just like golf or tennis without the participant.

If you could create one new club for next year, what would it be?

If I was able to create one new club next year it would be a screenwriting club. There are many excellent artists, writers, and actors within our school and this club will allow them to come together and create master pieces. This club will allow students to see the fundamentals that go into writing scripts for television or musical shows. ”

Who’s the best club advisor?

I actually do not have one specific advisor. They are all amazing and have impacted me in different ways within my life. So instead of choosing one I’m going to list all of them: Miss Julissa Rodriguez, Mr. Gabriel Ramirez, Mrs. Christina Vela, Mr. Ramiro Reyes, and Mr. Aaron Lozano. All of my advisors are amazing people and I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.

Where does your club meet? Do you use any school resources other than space? How could the school provide more support for your club?

The Wolverine Theatre company meets in the drama room every practice and also use the auditorium and other fine arts rooms for practice. Other than the space we do use some of the school resources such as their technology, budget, etc. In my opinion I believe the school should promote our showings more often and have the students and teachers come and watch the shows to show more support towards the work the directors, techies, and actors put into the show.

Which plays should the school practice next year? Would you audition if it was something you liked?

I would really like for us to perform Dear Evan Hansen, Heathers, Newsies, and Little Shop of Horrors. Of course I would audition for the plays even if I was not a fan of the show because the creation of the show is the great and the best part is seeing the audience react to what the story is portraying.

The jobs you will have one day don’t even exist yet: what kind of skills do you think you might need to succeed?

I believe I would need communication skills and impromptu skills, because in any jobs you have to know how to speak to others and also you must know what to do in situations quickly. Thus obtaining these skills will allow for great success.

Are there enough foreign language options? If not, what would you like to see added? Should they be required?

“ No there are not enough foreign language opportunities granted to us, students. We should have other languages besides Mandarin and Spanish. We should be able to take any type of language we desire such as French, Italian, Russian, and Polynesian languages. However they should not all be required, they should only require taking one foreign language of their choice. ”

What project or assignment challenged you the most as a student? Why?

Biology is one of my biggest struggles as a student. I took it last year as a freshman and it really impacted me. It impacted me so much that I changed my major because of how difficult it was and the amount of stress it put on me. I think I struggled because of the different parts and cycles it discussed.

Most useful math equation or theory you learned this year?

“ The most useful math equation I learned this year is understanding taxation and how to find out how much you are actually paying while using coupons. This will help me for the rest of my life because I shop all the time and to be able to understand discounts is great especially when I’m with my mom and grandma.

What was the longest paper you wrote this year? Who was it for? What was it about?

The longest paper I wrote was a seven page essay on the human nature and nurture perspective of John Locke, Hobbes, and Rousseau. It was for my D.C. course political science and it took me three hours to complete.

What was the most enjoyable book you had to read for school this year?

The most enjoyable book I read this year was “ From What I remember ” by Stacy Kramer and Valerie Thomas.

Which subject do you think prepares you the most for life after high school? Why?

In my opinion I believe reading prepares you the most once you’re out of high school because reading is useful in any job or activity you plan on doing, You have to know how to read in order to accomplish many things in life. For instance, in order to be a doctor or any occupation, you have to read lots of books in order to obtain a certain degree.