David Brown II: A New Member to the Wolverine Family


Jazmine Ramirez

Coach David Brown addresses the audience at the Meet the Wolverines Pep Rally, where he was also formally introduced to staff, students, and community.

Owen Ochoa, Writer

Wolverine Country gained a new member to its ever-growing family this semester, newly hired head football coach and athletic coordinator David Brown II. Brown was among five finalists for the position; however, the PSJA Board of Trustees ultimately chose Brown II because of his knowledge, passion, and extensive experience in collegiate athletics.

Brown attended Cal Poly, a nationally-ranked public university located in San Luis Obispo on California’s sunny Central Coast, where he realized his true calling: becoming a coach. Brown II started off in accounting as a first-year student but had a change of heart early into his post-secondary education.

“I realized pretty quickly that I didn’t want to be indoors the rest of my life, just crunching numbers,” Brown II stated. “The ability to be able to teach a sport that I enjoy but also just being around young people and helping them grow and develop, that’s something that’s always interested me,” Brown II added.

Brown II earned his Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from Cal Poly in 1996 and achieved his Master of Education with an emphasis in cross-cultural teaching from the National University in San Diego in 2000. Thereafter, Brown II embarked on his coaching career.

Brown II served as a college football coach for a staggering 19 years at numerous schools before coaching at the high school level. Prior to Memorial, he was the defensive coordinator at Raymondville High School last fall. As a college football coach, Brown II moved around a lot.

“It got to the point where I didn’t want to move around as much with my young family, so, of course, the high school level made sense first,” Brown II noted. “My wife is an educator, and our boys are 11, 9, and 7, so having them grow and develop throughout the PSJA ISD is something we’re looking forward to,” Brown II added.

As athletic coordinator, Brown II will work to provide the ability for all the head coaches and players to be successful. He is dedicated to establishing a winning culture at PSJA Memorial ECHS.

“The most exciting part is being able to know a new group of people and to positively impact the lives of the young people around me,” Brown II said.