911 Emergency!

Wolverines certified to be 911 phone operators.


Law enforcement students get to our San Juan police department.

Kenya Moreno, Writer

Congratulations to the followings seniors for earning their 911 Telecommunications Certification.

Hannia Alvarado
Melissa Badillo
Maura Barajas
Esmeralda Benavides
Francisco Carrillo
Alejandro Casas
Domingo Gallegos
Jamiline Gonzalez
Jennifer Hernandez
Omar Miguel
Alejandra Perales
Alisen Puente
Stephanie Ramirez
Brandy Rodriguez
Daniel Saenz
Sabrina Salazar
Michael Walensky

The law enforcement students took the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch course that ended with a test that required a minimum of an 85 to be able to attain the certificate.

“When it was testing day and turned in my test I was confident that I ace the test, and little did I know I got a 98% percent which meant I only missed one question out of fifty questions that’s when I knew I faced my biggest challenge,” said Alisen Puente, senior.

The 18 seniors have just taken their first step into their careers. They also had the opportunity to job shadow as interns at the San Juan police department.

“Hopefully I want to be doing dispatching for 3 years then when I’m 21 I would like to become a state trooper and I definitely believe I have just taken my first step into that direction,” said Guadalupe Gonzalez, senior.

The program has only been in existence for two years now, but it has made a tremendous impact on many aspiring students that desire a fulfilling career. Not only is this program opening opportunities for students it is also giving them options to choose.

“This program will open doors for students that are willing to put in the work not only am I noticing the students potential but so is the Alamo police department that wants them to go over and have a hands-on experience,” said Leticia Garza, Law Enforcement instructor.