Choir Students Prepare for Solo and Ensemble Contest

Performers will be judged on vocal quality and presentation.

Jamie Anguiano

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On Saturday, January 26th, our very own PSJA Memorial ECHS Choir will take part in their UIL Solo and Ensemble singing contest at Edinburg Economedes High School. Our choir will perform their solos and ensembles in front of a judge.
They hope for a rating of 1 (highest score). All students are rated anywhere from a 1 to a 5.
“When you’re in that room, you need to remember to do your absolute best  to get that 1 rating”, choir director Mrs. Niño says to her students.
All students received their solos before the Christmas break.
“This year, I have a very challenging piece, but that doesn’t stop me from practicing my solo everyday for about 30 minutes,” Alexa Gonzalez, junior, says.
The day of the contest, the singers will wait to be called by their choir instructor to begin their vocal warm ups. However, at this time they are no long allowed to practice their music.
“Getting caught singing your solo during this time will lead to automatic disqualification,” piano accompanist Mrs. Albright said.
While performing, the performer’s attire must be “Sunday’s best” or appropriate clothing. All female performers must wear a knee-length dress or skirt with a nice blouse while men must wear slacks with a nice button up shirt.
“When we walk into that room, we give our judge an impression which is why we must wear appropriate attire, so we don’t give our judge a bad impression”, senior Maria Medrano says.