Student SWAT Team Advances to State

The law enforcement students will make their second state contest appearance in a row.


Photo Courtesy of the CTE Department

Members of the SWAT team are : Alisen Puente, Christopher Marez, Heriberto Diaz, Richardo Gonzalez, and Stephanie Ramirez.

Zorayda Sanchez

On Jan. 12th, our Skills USA SWAT Team advanced to State for the second time in a row after getting second place at the regional Texas Public Service Association (TPSA) meet.

The SWAT contest involves students acting as a SWAT Team to secure a possible crime scene such as buildings, offices, classrooms, etc…

“My team mates are really aware of the situation and what is needed to properly secure an area. They handled the situation well,” Christopher Marez, SWAT Team Captain, said.

Members of the SWAT Team include; Alisen Puente, Christopher Marez, Heriberto Diaz, Ricardo Gonzalez, and Stephanie Ramirez .

“It feels great. It shows the level of skill we have in order to place second. We placed high up in the competitions and went up against students from all over the Rio Grande Valley,” Marez said.

Led by forensics science and law enforcement teachers, Letty Garza and Linda Gutierrez the team will compete next month in College Station, TX at TPSA State.

“We are ready for state and I am so excited because this is my first year as part of the SWAT team,” Ricardo Gonzalez, junior, said.