Girls Soccer Team To Begin District Play

Jacquelyne Cantu, Writer

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After a month of practices and scrimmages, the Lady Wolverines varsity soccer team will finally start their district games.

On January 29th, the girls from Roma High School will become the first opponent to go against the Lady Wolverines in a home game at 6 P.M.

The upcoming district games are what defines whether if the girls will have the chance on advancing to the playoffs.

“Every year that’s the goal, and to challenge yourself. Last year we did make the playoffs and this year we want to go further,” Coach Art Chavez said.

Chavez has led the team for five years and within those years the soccer girls have made it to the playoffs two times. The team hopes for a third playoff season this year.

With their hopes high, the girls show that they are dedicated to making their goal happen by waking up early for morning practice and staying after school for practice again. Through the days the team has become united which benefits them on the longer road.

“I believe that we can make it to the state playoffs, as long as the whole team gives it their 100% at all times,” junior, Ariana Guerrero, said.

The Lady Wolverines do expect a tough season in which they will get to show that they won’t back down from a good competition and will push through it no matter what.

“In difficult situations the team comes together and gets things done,” returning varsity player, Ester Martinez, states.



District 1/29/19 Roma Home 6:00 PM
District 2/1/19 Rio Grande Away 6:00 PM
District 2/5/19 PSJA Southwest Home 6:00 PM
District 2/8/19 Palmview Away 6:00 PM
District 2/12/19 Sharyland North Home 6:00 PM
District 2/15/19 Mission Vets Away 6:00 PM
District 2/19/19 Sharyland Home 6:00 PM
District 2/22/19 Roma Away 8:00 PM
District 2/26/19 Rio Grande Home 8:00 PM
District 3/1/19 PSJA Southwest Away 8:00 PM
District 3/5/19 Palmview Home 8:00 PM
District 3/8/19 Sharyland North Away 8:00 PM
District 3/12/19 Mission Vets Home 8:00 PM
District 3/19/19 Sharyland Away 8:00 PM