New Bio-Metric System Used to Feed Students


Stephanie Gonzalez

A PSJA staff members sets sophomores up with their new fingerprint identification system.

Karen Carrazco, Writer

The nutritional service department has started using sophisticated biometrics technology to make sure every student gets a free and healthy meal.

Before students’ winter break, technicians set up the fingerprint recognition system. Some students were suspicious about the new technology taking their fingerprints.

“When I saw the technicians enter the room and explain what the system was, I thought about how technology is sneaking into our daily life. Once they explained what the system is going to be used for, I was excited,” Jamie Anguiano, sophomore, said.

The fingerprint recognition machine is being used to provide students with their mid-day meal. This can be used to find out how many students are getting their meals.

The system will make verify how many meals every student picks up.

“The main reason that the fingerprint recognition system was set up was to ensure that students eat one meal. We have had an issue where many students would get several meals. For this reason,” Ms. Elizabeth, a PSJA Nutrition Services employee, said.

This cost-saving system will help PSJA Nutrition Services plan nutrition requirements.