Powerlifting Girls Qualify for Regionals Meet


Kenya Moreno

Members of the powerlifting team kicked off their season this weekend at Economedes High School and Lopez High School.

Kenya Moreno, Staff Writer

On Friday and Saturday the boys and girls powerlifting team attended their first official meet to kickoff the beginning of their 2019 season. Friday’s meet took place in Brownsville, hosted by Lopez High School, and Saturday’s meet took place at Edinburg Economedes High School.

The boys and girls team both did exceptionally good, but the girls powerlifting really stole the show. At the weekend meets, Devany Morales, senior, lifted 530 pounds; Brittney Salcido, senior, lifted 745 pounds; Amme Alcorchas, senior, lifted 785 pounds; Natalie Maldonado, junior, lifted 805 pounds; Alicia Gomez, junior, lifted 890 pounds; Laura Gomez, senior, lifted 905 pounds; and Victoria Trevino, senior, lifted 990 pounds. Overall, seven girls qualified for regionals.


“This year I already qualified for regionals so that is done but now all that is left is to hopefully become state champion of my weight class,” Laura Gomez, powerlifting regional qualifier, said.


At their Friday meet, 12 girls competed, and many placed in their weight class, including Brittney Salcido who placed 1st in the 105-weight class. Despite being at the start of their season these girls are already preparing to qualify for state and become state champions.


“This year, I aspire to not only become a state champion, but I wish to also break at least one record in one out of the three lifts, being squat, bench, or deadlift,” Brittany Salcido, said.


The meet was also full of emotions as lifters proved their strength not only to the judges, but to themselves. Everyday at practice the girl’s push their limits for these meets and they dedicate their summers and holidays to prepare for the upcoming powerlifting seasons.


“In my first meet of the season I was able to place 2nd in my weight class and qualify for regionals, I think my dedication can be seen there,” Amme Alcorchas, powerlifting regional qualifier, said.


 With state just being a month away the girls have their work cut out for them-but they are ready for the challenge.


“Our goal this year is to take a whole team and comeback with a State Championship trophy.” coach Miranda Guajardo said, “All the girls are working hard and showing lots of growth and potential. We are excited for this season and we hope to stay healthy and keep getting stronger.”