Campus Emergency Response Team Saves Parent

The team is part of a new life-saving initiative called Project ADAM.


Jazmine Ramirez

Members of the campus ER team are Sony Alcala, Erica Ramos, Erika Salinas, Argentina Arreguin, and Baldemar Morin. The team part of the new campus initiative, Project ADAM.

Jazmine Ramirez, Writer & Photographer

Rosie Perez woke up in and ambulance. She didn’t know how she got there.

From the moment she got to our school to pick up her twin sons, she felt dizzy. When she walked in, she began to grab the walls.

Security Ramos came towards her. It was at that moment that Ramos quickly called the nurse.

On December 12, our newly formed campus emergency response team responded to an emergency involving parent Rosie Perez. Perez fainted as a result of diabetes and high blood pressure.

“I don’t know why but I saw and heard security Ramos as if she was very far away, all I remember is telling her to hold on and from there I don’t remember until I was in the ambulance,” Perez said.

The nurse grabbed the AAD when and realized the parent was getting worse. They immediately called the EMS and checked her blood pressure. According to our campus nurses, she felt limp so they began CPR.

“I thank the nurse and the securities because if it weren’t for them helping me I wouldn’t have been here today,” Perez said.

This all came back to Project ADAM, a new program that encourages schools to have an emergency response team. The PSJA Memorial Emergency Response team plans to ensure all teachers and students know how to call for help in case of an emergency and how to deal with the situations.

Members of the campus response team are registered nurse Argentina Arreguin, LVN Erika Salinas, assistant principal Erica Ramos, and securities Sony Alcala and Baldemar Morin.

The team hopes to be fully Project ADAM certified by February 14th.

There will be on-going cardiac simulations to ensure everyone knows how to react when someone has hit the floor.

“We want everyone to understand what Project ADAM is about, and ensuring everyone knows what to do to safe a life,” Argentina Arreguin said.

For Rosie Perez, this provides further comfort.

“I feel privileged knowing in case something happens there is someone there to help my kids also,” she said.