Bankers Visit with Seniors To Teach Financial Responsibility

Yessica Lira, Writer

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On Thursday December 13th, International Bank of Commerce (IBC) branch managers held a presentation for the seniors to inform them about the basics of banking. The objective was to help students determine how to effectively use a bank and recognize their primary functions.

“Since I’m going off to college I felt like it was important to learn how to manage my savings. I felt like learning about banking was the best option on learning how to efficiently save money,” senior Itzi Davila said.

Erica Ramos, our financial aid officer, asked the financial experts to visit with our seniors.

“The reason I brought professionals to our school was because as spring semester arrives, reality sets in and most seniors don’t know what to do as they’re becoming adults. The first step is to open up a bank account, so I wanted to allow the students to learn from professionals rather than teachers,” she said.

Presenters, Rosie Avila and Rachel Smith taught the students the difference between credit and debit, how to use credit appropriately, the steps involved in opening and maintaining a bank account, and the additional bank services that come with being a bank customer.