Varsity Basketball Boys Compete at Tri-City Tournament


Alondra Garcia

The varsity basketball team is under the direction of Coach Eric Steinbrunner.

Victoria Mae Maldonado, Staff Writer

The Wolverines varsity basketball team went into the brightly lit main gym ready to play and fight at this year’s fourth annual PSJA Tri-City Varsity Boy’s Basketball tournament. At the tournament, the boys not only faced rival towns but several other high school teams throughout the valley, making this tournament a difficult competition. Ready to play, the team played their first two games Thursday at home court, and inside the practice gym.

“I know some players have different opinions on whether they like playing home or away, but as for me, playing home is the way to go. Home court advantage is a confidence booster, not only because we know it better than anyone else, but because were comfortable with it. And if it’s home, our school is able to go out and support, which helps us because who doesn’t like to show out, especially at home,” Michael Munoz, post.

The boys went 1-1 in pool play advancing to gym one, PSJA Raider gymnasium, playing rival team North Raiders Friday morning. The bleachers were filled with black shirts, only increasing the boy’s fight to win. So they did and gave the opponent a run for their money, unfortunately came up a bit short in the fourth quarter, due to the Raiders confident boost from their yelling crowd.

“We basically have a new group of boys, young minds, not varsity experienced yet. However, they’re growing and quickly picking up on things. The boys played aggressively well, especially for playing against a smart, varsity experienced team, with a loud crowd, such as Raiders,” Gaona, assistant varsity coach, said.

Becoming 0-3 in bracket play after Saturday’s final game, the Wolverines were far from disappointed. The young minded team, learned and took this tournament to see where they’re at in the season, competitive wise. Although they would have loved to be crowned PSJA Tri- City champs, they know what to do in order to become better before their 2018 district opener.  

“Being labeled Tri-City champs is honestly a great feeling, because we earn the other teams respect, increasing our team’s pride for the better. I know we weren’t in favor to receive that this year, but I know we will come back stronger, especially when district starts. We know what to fix and we’re going to showcase that on the court. Proving to everyone that our team may be ‘young’ but that’s no excuse to not put your pride down and stop playing,” Nick Cisneros, point guard, said.