15 Seniors Selected for Dell Scholars Semi-Finalists Stage

The amount of seniors selected triples last year's count.


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Serina Kornegay, Editor In Chief

At a record-breaking amount in PSJA Memorial’s history, 15 seniors were selected as semi-finalists for the prestigious Dell Scholarship. The Dell Scholarship was created by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, and targets low-income, highly motivated students that exhibit a drive to succeed despite personal obstacles. Dell Scholars receive the financial support of $20,000 to pay for college expenses, a dell laptop, and textbook credits.

“I am so thankful and blessed and impressed at our students’ ability to rise above their circumstances and to be recognized for their strength, dedication, and perseverance at a national level,” Ms. Erica Ramos, Financial Aid Officer and College Prep Counselor, said.

The next step for these seniors includes a lengthy application of writing multiple essays, and submitting a teacher recommendation.

The following seniors were accepted into the Dell Scholarship semi-finalists stage: Salma Santiago, Misael Garza. Janelle Rodriguez, Guadalupe Abrego, Bryan Acosta, Owen Ochoa, Amy Huang, Maria Colin, Samantha Espinoza, Rebecca Ramirez, Javier Cardoza, Sylvia Fonseca, Jennifer Crossman, Sarah Ruiz, and Alan Garcia.