PSJA Memorial Student Council Inducts Gus Guerra Student Council


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Wolverine student council members induct the Gus Guerra Elementary student council.

Serina Kornegay, Editor in Chief

Recently at Gus Guerra Elementary, the school’s first ever student council was officially inducted with the help of PSJA Memorial’s general student council officers. At this historic event, Gus Guerra elementary students took their first steps into their long journeys of leadership and community participation.

The idea of beginning a student council at Gus Guerra was introduced by Mr. Ernest Zuniga. He joined the campus staff this year, and after leading a student council at his previous school Zuniga was motivated to do the same for this elementary.

“We want to make sure that our community continues to grow and flourish and the way we can get that done is by allowing our students go out there and converse with the community, “Mr. Ernest Zuniga, Gus Guerra student council, said.

The 2018-2019 Gus Guerra Student council includes 5 officers and 12 representatives. The elected president is Yahira Gutierrez, who is currently enrolled in fifth grade. Gabriel Perez, Memorial’s student council president, inducted her into this renowned position.

“I hope to give to this school kindness, change, and to bring back recess,” Yahira Gutierrez, Gus Guerra student council president, said.

The Gus Guerra student council officers were as well inducted by the other Memorial general student council officers.

“It feels great knowing that inducting the future student council leaders of PSJA Memorial, even if they’re not going to be leaders at our campus, they will be leaders in other schools as well,” Gabriel Perez, PSJA Memorial General Student Council President, senior, said.


Serina Kornegay
Members of the Wolverine student council stand with the newly inducted Gus Guerra student council. The elementary council is the first in the school’s history.