Band to Host Christmas Concert

Jazmin Veronico, Writer

Christmas time is just around the corner and the band program is ready to get us in the spirit.

On December 13th at 7pm the band will be perform Christmas music at the Roberto Gomez Jr. Performing Arts Theater. The admission is free.

“I think the band concert is going to be a really good success and I hope a lot of people go so they can hear all the Christmas songs we have been working on pretty much everyday for. Also, I think it would be a good opportunity for people or relatives to go and just have a good time,” Christopher Garza, brass captain, said.

The band hopes Wolverine Country comes out to support the band and listen to some good classic Christmas songs.

“I think what I like most about playing Christmas music is the melody and the exciting parts of the music because we all know how the music goes so we already know how it kind of goes we just need to play it out on our instrument, and I think the audience likes that part too that they can hear a live performance of actual Christmas songs and melodies,” Michelle Garcia, section leader for trombones , said.

The Band concert will perform First Noel, Cowboy Christmas, Secret Agent Santa, and Minor Alliteration. The Symphonic and Concert band will perform Country Cooking Christmas and Jingle Bells. The first jazz band will perform some Christmas songs as well.

“I’m very excited for the Christmas concert because were going to play a lot of different Christmas music and try to hype the audience to getting into the Christmas spirit and make them get into the same energy and make them feel excited also. Plus this is the time were we can have fun playing Christmas songs cause after this we start working on UIL pieces to compete.” Sandra Cruz, section leader for clarinets, said.