Gomez Signs with UT

The star cross country runner vows to represent PSJA state-wide.

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Gomez Signs with UT

Stephanie Gonzalez, Writer

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On December 10,2018 Cruz Gomez  signed to UT Austin, where he will continue his cross country career. He signed his commitment letter as friends and family supported this new stepping-stone for Gomez.

His achievement’s have made Wolverine Country very proud.

“I had the greatest pleasure of coaching Gomez, PSJA should be proud of what we have produced,” Cross Country Coach, Lee Roy Perez Perez said

Cruz’ signing was not only emotional for family and friends but emotional for him as well. As he signed,  members of his family stood behind him.  Their smiles never left their faces.

“I’m very honored to call Cruz my brother as he has been there for me in times of need, I will always be their for him,” Laura Gomez, his sister said.

Gomez believes that he had the whole community right behind him every step of the way.

“This is very emotional for me because I sign today in front of all of my family, friends and Memorial staff. I don’t do this for myself I do this to represent everyone from PSJA,” Gomez said


Stephanie Gonzalez
Members of Wolverine Country cheer Gomez as he signs his letter to run cross country for the University of Texas at Austin.