Coach Uribe Leaves Wolverine Country

Athletes saddened by decision.


Alondra Garcia

Coach Uribe congratulates his football team after a win against Rio Grande City High School.

Vanessa Diaz, Staff Writer

Early morning on November 27, 2018, the athletic program lost a vital team member, Athletic Coordinator and Head Football Coach, Michael J. Uribe. He was transfered from the Wolverine Family to another district campus after four years heading the athletic program at PSJA Memorial Early College High School.

“I understand and respect the decision making process of our profession. Life is full of adversity… this current situation gives me the perfect opportunity to be an example of handling a difficult situation with perseverance, class, and dignity” he said.

Although the football team at PSJA Memorial has had a tough, and some may say unsuccessful season, varsity athletes have said that being in football not only allowed them to play a dream sport, but he taught many life lessons by Coach Uribe–no matter what the scoreboard said.

“[This decision] was the worst news ever… not only did it impact me but it impacted the entire football family, the coaches… it was heartbreaking. To Coach Uribe, I want to say thank you for the best four years of my high school football career and everything you have done for me and raising me to be the man I am today,” says Jose Tovar, senior.

Coach Uribe’s departure has been an eye-opener for the boy’s football program and the coaches and the football players have all decided to continue moving forward with  Uribe in spirit. While continuing with the same dedicated vision of success for the team, the athletic coaches are optimistic and vow to accept a new campus athletic director with open arms, with the same respect that was done when Coach Uribe was brought to PSJA Memorial  in 2013.

“Hopefully the next AC/H.D. Football Coach will have the same type of passion and compassion for our athletic programs and the football team. Coach Uribe will always be a great mentor to [myself] and to his fellow athletes that played for him.” Coach Farrell William, Offensive Coordinator, said.

This will not be the end for Coach Uribe, as stated he believes that an opportunity for him will present itself if he continues to work hard, be dedicated, and have faith. He sends warm wishes to all PSJA Memorial faculty, administrators, coaches, and athletes. As a lot of individuals saw him as a mentor, the school looks forward for the upcoming years regarding a new start for the football team.