Lady Wolverines Varsity Basketball Play Laredo Tournament


Photo Courtesy of Basketball Team

Victoria Mae Maldonado, Writer

Have you ever heard of a vacation getaway where one can lose all senses of reality for a while before returning back to the real world?

Well the Lady Wolverines varsity basketball team had their first ever team getaway, when attending Laredo, Texas to play at the 2018 Border Olympics tournament. Yet, instead of losing themselves, they united, and found the true team they are expected to become this  season.

“Traveling up here to represent the school was exciting, but to be able to bond and become much closer to my teammates, I now trust to call my sisters, is something I will never forget,” Yasmine Garcia, junior, said.

The Lady Wolverines played and competed with high schools throughout Texas. They encountered an experience no prior girls Wolverine basketball program has ever witnessed before. The team knew it was going to be a tough battle, especially after Thursday’s record going 1-1.

“We knew we were going to have to come into this tournament way more aggressive. These girls are bigger, taller, and much faster up here. So if we wanted to win, we had to be willing to play hard throughout all four quarters without letting down,” Amber Magana, senior, said.

However, with Friday’s record causing them to become 1-3 the girls began to feel discouraged. With disappointment in the team’s eyes, head coach, Gutierrez, saw the potential in this situation and questioned her team in confidence about what it meant to play on the court with a green and white varsity jersey.

“I needed to remind the girls why they chose to be part of this team, and by doing so I made them tell me out loud. Not because I wanted to know, I knew exactly why I put each and every girl on this team… but because I wanted them to hear it for themselves and understand their purpose on the team and the impact they have,” Coach Gutierrez, said.  

So instead of punishing them, coach Gutierrez took the team out instead. They had fun, made memories they’ll never forget, and most importantly became closer as a team. With morning practices and tiring games, it was different, yet nice to see the team bond other than on the court.

“Being one of the youngest on the team, I was nervous I wasn’t going to easily get along with the other girls, but after this weekend I felt closer than ever. The upperclassmen took me under their wing and showed me it was okay to be myself around them,” Kristin Maldonado, sophomore, said.

Saturday’s strong win changed the final tournament record to 2-3. It was not the record the Lady Wolverines were hoping to come back home with, however, team captain, Debbie Martinez, knew what she was coming back home with and in the end was proud of the results.

“We used this tournament to see where our team was at. And even though we didn’t represent the way we wanted, we came back as one with a trust within one another that is never going to be broken. With a stronger mentality and a hunger that is going to be showcased from now on, every time we step on the court,” Debbie Martinez, senior, said.